Have you tried cheating your teacher?

January 29, 2010 11:26pm CST
Guys and Gals I have to admit that I have tried cheating my teacher several times! In India, we have something called remarks in our schools, where the teacher can enter only bad comments and reviews about the student! There would be a separate page in everyone's school diary for Remarks alone! Remarks are entered if one has failed to do the assigned work for the day, did not bring articles or books! So, once I cheated my teacher by telling that I had completed my homework [which I had really not]!! Since, I was a good student, the teacher did not bother about me and punished the other defaulters! I was guilty the whole day and the next day, I completed all the work together! Still, from 4 years then on, my guilt has not gone!
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• China
31 Jan 10
hi,stand! it's a funny topic.when i was at school,i often cheat my teacher.because i often late for class ,and make many excuses for it.and sonmetime students were asked to show their test paper to parents for signature.i was get a low score,i didn't want to be scold by my parents,so i forge the signature myself.at the end,my parents found it.
@DenverLC (1146)
• Philippines
30 Jan 10
Yah I have tried it often when I was still in my grade school. being a child, I was so lazy to study my lessons, i cram most of the time before examinations. I was then one of the top pupil in our class, so to maintain that position, I cheat when I am not ready. Anyway that was before, Now I hate cheating and I don't want to be cheated as well.