Metrosexual guy?

@emediloy (701)
January 30, 2010 12:42am CST
I don't see a guy only from their appearance. inner is more important i think. but i don't deny that sometimes i like some good looking guys with a good body or nice smell LoL. A guy should be tough and strong in order to their activity and responsibility. they usually ignore about physically performance. its very different from a woman. woman always want to be beautiful everytime, they go to saloon or beauty center to fix their performance. spa, manicure, pedicure are some activities which usually do by some women. But nowadays we see a phenomena about metrosexual guy. They treat himself like a woman, going to saloon or beauty center, doing spa or something like that. they really really care and even too much care about their performance. What do you think about that? do you like metrosexual guy?
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• Estonia
30 Jan 10
I think that man should behave like a man not be busy with doing make up all the time. Women were made to be beautiful and offer something to look at, but men have other mission I think. A man must complete hard tasks, that women can handle, defend women and so on, but not act as a woman. I hate such guys who try to erase all the characteristics that make them look like a man. It's terrible.