Do demons really exist?

January 30, 2010 3:10am CST
Do demons really exist.i really do think they do.cause so far in the world,everything good thing i know about has also an opposite for it.i have heard stories in discovery channel.but above all that i also have an inner feeling that just like a pure thing like God,even a dark side like the Demon your opinions with your reasons.
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• China
31 Jan 10
i dont think demons is exist.all the bad things just because of people's desire.
@DenverLC (1146)
• Philippines
30 Jan 10
Yes. They exist in mans heart and minds. By doing evil things despite ones awareness, demons do laugh.
@torajiro (24)
• Indonesia
30 Jan 10
I think demon really exist. He wass always there in every human heart.That is was causes many crimes that have occurred. It also has coused us a sense of hatred,jealousy,etc.It is a manifestation of an invisible demon. Demons can also show his form to us.If you are a christian you'll belive it when the Lord Jesus ever tempted by the demon.In the blibical also mentioned that they really exist. They permeated into the body of animals and humans.
@lelin1123 (15638)
• Puerto Rico
30 Jan 10
With the way the world is there are definitely demons walking the earth. Everyday you hear another story of either a child, a women being murdered, raped or kidnapped. People going around shooting up people for no reason. People cheating, fighting, killing others out of hatred or passion. Wars between countries. As I'm getting older I'm starting to believe this just might be hell because there are alot of demons lurking around creating havoc around the world.
@roadshow (41)
• Philippines
30 Jan 10
for me...demons exist..mostly in our daily lives we hear, watch and see crimes... thats why demons exist..demons d that not human..