To what object/thing can you compare yourself?

@vycess (1588)
Saudi Arabia
January 30, 2010 4:41am CST
I can compare myself to different object but I will chose to compare myself to a tree.A tree that came from a seed which grow through time. I want to become a good and beautiful bearing tree.
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@myzire72 (1157)
• Singapore
30 Jan 10
I would compare myself to a proverbial jug. Everyday, I will fill myself up with the clear, sweet nectar of knowledge. But try as I might, I haven't fill myself to the brim just yet. It could probably take me an entire lifetime...
• Philippines
30 Jan 10
I think I would compare myself into grasses. Back when I was still a little girl, I was being hurt by many people. They used to laugh at my imperfections. They always tried to put me down in anyways. Many people betrayed me. I have had a lot of painful experiences in the past. But instead of making myself weaker. I felt stronger now because I used to think about all those things as my motivation to move on and strive hard. Like grasses, I continue to grow no matter how many people stepped on me.