Do you make residual income online?

United States
January 30, 2010 7:37am CST
I have been working online for about a year and would like to start earning residual income. Do you earn residual income online? What are some of your online money-making tips?
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@benny128 (3621)
30 Jan 10
well yeah I have been in mlm for about 10 years and that is my only income now and I get paid no matter what I do lol, I have built up my mlm business over about 10 years and earn a very nice salary without the stress of going to work. Leaving url's is not allowed on here so I won't leave you a link to where I earn my income from
4 Jul 10
I'm using you as my inspiration. I know it takes ages to build up enough residual income to really make a difference, but my biggest goal is to work from home full-time. If you want to dish out some advice, please add me as a friend and PM me. Share the dream :)
@minx267 (15614)
• Hartford, Connecticut
31 Jan 10
Yes, the two sites I get residual income from are Zazzle and BigCrumbs. Right now Zazzle is my better earner of the two. But that is because I have neglected to do much with BigCrumbs in the last 2 years.. and I am now kicking my self in the butt for it.. As a lot of the people who signed up around the same time I did are now making anywhere from $50-$250 a month. GRRR. Anyway.. I am working on it now.. building up my referrals -which isn't too hard as it's a great site and free to join and many benefits for those who do. Zazzle is a fun site. I stumbled on i quite accidentally and I am glad I did. At Zazzle you upload pics or artwork etc.. and then make things from it like shirts, mugs, mousepads, greeting cards, skateboards, hats, shoes, mugs.. the list goes on and on.. and you post these items for sale and earn a commission as they sell. I started a little over 2 years ago and this year I made almost $400 which was up from a little over $200 last year.. So i am hoping the earnings continue to double each year. But the most exciting to me is I make this money usually while I am sleeping or working my other job. If you want to see what it's all about I have a widget on my page showing you some of the things you can make and earn from.. also check out the banner for BigCrumbs.. both of these sites have potential to net you money for years to come. All you hav to do is invest a little time in them now and a little more here and there whenever you have the time. Good luck.