How do you deal with an hypocrital friendship?

January 30, 2010 7:53am CST
I had a best friend from the beginning of high school. We were very close friends. over the years a series of things occurred in our friendship but one in particular was quite unforgettable. Her boyfriend at the time was flirting with me and i told her about it and it ended our friendship of many years. i was hard loosing her friendship but in the end i believe i was worthwhile. Can you relate to any such experiences and how did you dealt with the matter?
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• Jamaica
3 Feb 10
well i had i friend like that once. we were very close our friendship went through many struggles. We had a lot of fun time together though i must admit but as we grew older thinks just really started to change and the person started to really act a way and hurt my feelings until i got really fed up and so our friendship came to an end.