Have you ever loved someone it hurt and they cheated on you?

January 30, 2010 1:01pm CST
I have been in love for 2 years with a girl that said that she loved me but she was actualy sleeping with others around my back .. i "sensed" that she was going around my back but didnt want to see that.. how about u guys/girls ?
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• China
31 Jan 10
So sad! Maybe deleting this memory is the best choice to u, after all it has happened. And u said that it's she said that she loved u, not u feel that. Isn't it clear enough?
@mynestegg (519)
• Philippines
31 Jan 10
This has happened to all the women in my family. When I first started out on relationships, I was so haunted by what happened to my mother and my aunts. I didn't want to be vulnerable to love. So, I went out on dates. Kissed. Made out. Made "love". But never actually loved. I never said I loved you, never allowed my partners to call me their girlfriend. It didn't come as a surprise that these relationships did not last. I thought after a while that I am not being fair to myself and to people who could actually be genuinely in love with me. I tried putting my heart on the line. Just a little bit. Maybe we could say I gave 30% of myself. It was very hard to trust. As time went by I gave more of myself and actually got more out of the relationship. Now I feel that I genuinely connect with the man of my life. There are times that I have caught him flirting, have felt physically sick with the thought that he might be cheating on me but he has made it a point to reassure me of his fidelity. And so we're still at it. I told him if I ever catch him cheating, no matter how mundane it may be we're over. As far as I can tell, he's been loyal to me.
@cummank09 (116)
• Indonesia
30 Jan 10
I hope i will never meet and love a girl like him. God Bless You