Why get married?

January 31, 2010 7:10am CST
Nowadays there's an increasing rate of divorce, but why still so many people getting married? what do you think, why they still take the risk?
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@jkcokley (265)
• United States
18 Feb 10
Love is always worth the risk. It is better to have loved an not loved at all. Marriage. I understand divorce on the ground of cheating spouse and spouse beating but I don't understand the - we just feel out of love thing. Marriage is work and if you don't go into it thinking its work then don't get married. If you go into marriage thinking its going to be peachs and cream - well - I feel for you. Some people get married thinking they don't have to commit, I can always divorce later if I get tired of the person. I got married for love and I'm still in love and we have been to heaven and he ... together. 25 years with the same guy and times have been good and times have been really bad. Its all been worth the risk!!! Still in love and still believe in marriage.
• Boston, Massachusetts
1 Feb 10
Hi Careguarden, I got married because i love my husband so much that i cannot imagine life without him. i want to grow old with him and i want to spend the rest of my life with my husband. i love him to be the father of my children too.
@ainee82 (618)
• Philippines
31 Jan 10
There's really nothing wrong in getting married. It's the people who get married that give marriage a bad name. Don't hate the game, hate the players. Biblically speaking, marriage is very important for a couple to stay together. It is a bond that is blessed by God and should not be taken lightly. It is one of the oldest practice that even the first man and woman even had this. God made Eve for Adam. So that they will have a lasting life together and bear children that will praise him. And no one should separate them. Speaking on common sense, people have to get married for the right reasons. Not just on impulse. It's one of the major reasons that people get divorce. Because for one thing they weren't that ready for this commitment. You should think 100 times before you get married. That's how people should decide before getting married to ANYONE.
• Philippines
1 Feb 10
I saw this movie once and that question came up on one of the scenes. Why get married? The character said, we all need a witness to our lives. Think of the billion number of people around the world. They will never get to know you as close as your spouse possibly could. All aspects of your life will be seen by this person and to have that, that is in itself very special...as most marriages are. Now, the divorce rates are getting on the way of marriage but, most couples have seen each other go around or even through it still very much together. Yes, there is risk in getting married, if you do not know the person you are marrying. So, I guess, if you want to be a witness to someone's life and give the love of your life get same privilege, then go, get married. :)
@nocturn98 (956)
• Venezuela
31 Jan 10
People take the risk because they love each other and want to make something out of their relationship. Look at all the successful relationships around you. They all took risks to make it work. And if people love each other, it is worth the risk.
• China
31 Jan 10
When two people in love for long time,there will no topic to talk about.Then usually the man will said to his GF:will you marry me. That is why people get married as they want begin a new topic to talk about. --------------------------------------------------------------just a Joke