Junk Mail a waste of trees!

@free_man (7330)
United States
January 31, 2010 1:59pm CST
We get junk mail all the time 2-4 times a week and don't know how to stop it. started sending it back to the original sender to make them pay for sending it in the first place. I don't know if this does any good but it makes them pay twice. So do any of you know how to stop t the goverment from cutting down our trees for junk mail? Don't it make you mad to recieve this mail that you didn't request?
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@boogerman (1544)
• Philippines
31 Jan 10
Hello there! Who sent you junk mails? Is it from the same person? What is its content all about? It is a waste of trees when paper is consumed then disposed. Here in our country, there is a junk shop where you can sell your things to them such as bottles, metals, and paper then it will proceed to recycling. They will pass it to shops that recycle those junk and convert it to a new one. Recycled paper is almost similar to paper directly made from trees so recycling can help to conserve. If there is a junk shop near you, sell the junk mails you received and also the old newspapers so you can earn some money instead of returning the junk mails to sender or disposing it. Have a nice day!
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