What type of movie is your favorite and which one is your least favorite?

@Mady2791 (545)
United States
January 31, 2010 8:32pm CST
Right of the bat my favorite type of movie is comedy. If I go to the movies and I see that there is a really funny movie on that's the one I will choose. There is nothing like laughing your heart out in the movie theater and going home refreshed from having a nice time just laughing and not thinking too much.Maybe that's why I like them because you don't have to think that much to understand and enjoy the movie; you just watch and enjoy. However, I also like very scary and suspense/mystery movies, keeps me focused at all times:) As a woman of course I like romantic movies hello? haha but to be honest I would pick a comedy instead of a romance without even blinking. The type of movies that I dislike with a passion are war movies..hate them..can't stand them...bore the heck out of me. My mind even wonders and I'm not even there lol. So, I wanted to ask you what is favorite type of movie and the one you dislike the most?
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@chriszh22 (432)
• China
1 Feb 10
I would say I like differnt type of movie in different kind of mood. When life is too boring I'd like to have something excited, like horrible movies or comedy. Most of time I would chase those mainstream movies, to see if it's a good movie to watch. Sometimes, I just feel no movies to watch although there's thousands of non watched movies. hehe
• China
1 Feb 10
i'd like literary film. i love to enjoy the quiet feeling and the lifestyle it expressed in the movies. just now my favourite one is" A walk in the clouds". maybe" Choclate" is also nice.
@Montblanc (137)
• Canada
1 Feb 10
Comedy!! FTW!! Horror is also funny!! LOL I don't like violent action movies.