do you really believe in superstitions?

@udayrao2 (782)
January 31, 2010 10:05pm CST
Do you really believe in superstitions or sayings- like Friday the 13th., cat crossing your path, spilling salt, - and do you really follow what they say should be done when you come across such situations. I say the other way, in jest - any cat crossing my path - bad luck to the cat not me etc - hahaha Also I would be very much thankful if you guys list all the superstitions you have heard of!! What about you my friends, what do you do such cases?? How many of you still believe in all this?
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@veronizm (909)
• Philippines
2 Feb 10
Hi udayrao! I really don't believe in superstitions. Because most of them just doesn't make sense to me. Like, how can a black cat crossing your path make you unlucky? For me, a cat crossing my path (no matter what the color) would probably make my day coz I love cats, LOL! But there are actually some superstitions that do have some scientific explanations in the past when they were originally made but were just forgotten by generations and they just thought that they were just superstitions. Nowadays, if I'd hear a supersition, I would reflect upon it first if it has a scientific explanation and if it doesn't then I wouldn't believe in it until someone would prove to me that that specific superstition actually makes sense. Here are some of the superstitions that I've heard: 1. A woman singing in front of her cooking will make her a widow (scary!) 2. Vendor owners should never sell needles at night because the needles will become rusty if so (doesn't make sense to me) 3. A bride should never try on her bridal gown before the wedding coz it will cause bad luck (i really hate this particular superstition, coz what if when the big day comes and your dress wouldn't fit right? there's your bad luck! LOL) 4. When a baby is having a hiccup, lay it down on a bed and place a string of coiled thread on its forehead, in the middle of its eyebrows. The baby will then stop its hiccup (poor baby!) And finally... 5. Wipe your first menstruation blood on your face to prevent acnes/pimples/breakouts as you grow old!!!! (I never tried that, LOL!) Happy Lotting!!!:D
@megamatt (14323)
• United States
1 Feb 10
Honestly, I do not believe in those superstitions. Not that I am about to give them a chance to prove me right. Although, do be fair, the last Friday the 13th was a horrible day where nothing seemed to go right. The power went out for most of the day, on a day where I had to get a lot of work done. So perhaps there is some logic in that one but for the most part, superstitions seem rather silly.
@johndur (3049)
• Pasig, Philippines
1 Feb 10
i don't believe in superstitions.because i think those things were just made by people that has encountered it a coincidence and thought it was something supernatural that made it happen.if its really a bad luck seeing a black cat cross in front of you i should have been,i should have been testifying it here that superstition is its was just all in their wild one can change your destiny except you yourself.