Women Intuition in a Relationship -- GUT FEELING ABOUT YOUR PARTNER'S FRIEND

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February 1, 2010 2:46am CST
Women have been known to have been given the gift of intuition. As a woman, I like this idea. But I think men hate the idea of women having this 6th sense of knowing or at least feeling that there is something wrong. As many of us women have experienced times that we knew something was wrong. Or something is a little bit off. Let's take one example for this discussion and let me open other discussions for the other examples. Example no. 1 -- GUT FEELINGS ABOUT YOUR PARTNER'S FRIEND HAS A THING FOR YOUR BF As a woman, we know how a woman acts when she likes somebody. We too express the same emotions and somehow unconsciously manifest it in our actions. A simple stroke of her hair or just the way he looks at a guy and you can tell if he's into your boyfriend. If this had ever happen to you... Can you describe some certain actions that made you think so? And if so, have you ever proven this? What do you do after that? Do you confront your partner? Or do you actually confront the girl as well? Do you just ignore it and just trust your partner? For me, it depends on the person. It depends on my partner too. I have felt such GUT FEELINGS before and might still do in the future. I'm a woman, what can I say?? Normally I would try to ignore it at first. We can't help it if our boyfriend's too good looking for other girls NOT to notice. Second, I think I can trust my boyfriend. But if the girl goes beyond the limits, that's when I do something about it. I would have to talk to my boyfriend first and tell him what's on my mind. So at least he would be aware of what I feel and that he will try to avoid anything that will set me off. However, the problem is if the guy thinks you're over reacting and that it's nothing and harmless. Well it all depends. If you have had such experience, I would like to hear about it. It would be part of my research. I'm planning to write more about this in the future. Aside from that, it will give me more proof that i'm not the only one experiencing this if I see that other women can sense it too. Otherwise, maybe i'm just more intuitive than others. Why? Because most of the time my GUT FEELING is ACCURATE. Though, I'm not saying it's accurate all the time. I will choose the best answer after I've seen your answers. Thank you.
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1 Feb 10
Is there really such thing as women's intuition? Example 1 Woman1: Hey, I have a gut feeling that your friend has a thing for your boyfriend. Woman2: I don't think so. She is just friendly. After several days.. It turns out to be true. Woman2: How did you know that she really has a thing for my boyfriend?!! Woman1: Women's Intuition. Example 2 Woman1: Hey, I have a gut feeling that your friend has a thing for your boyfriend. Woman2: I don't think so. She is just friendly. After several days.. It turns out that her friend is a lesbian. Woman2: What made you say that she has a thing for my bf when she is a lesbian? Woman1: err... nothing. my bad. Woman2: Would you call it woman's intuition? lol. Woman1: Drop it or I'll punch you in the face!
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1 Feb 10
First of all, I would like to ask if you're a woman. Because it's obvious that you don't believe in women's intuition or probably have had bad experiences with it. Yes it does exist. It doesn't mean that if you don't believe in it, then it doesn't exist. The world doesn't revolve around you, you know! If you have read my discussion thoroughly then you would see that intuition is not enough of a proof to prove something. Intuition as discussed here only serves as a warning from your guts. (Thus, the GUT FEELING.) Proving that intuition alone is enough to say that whatever you feel is ALREADY CONCLUDED AS A FACT OR TRUTH then that is FALSE. You must also consider other factors like certain actions that proves your intuition could be right. Then it wouldn't be called an intuition now, would it? It would be called reading minds and having the power of knowing everything. Intuition does not CONCLUDE anything. Intuition can be wrong or right. You even proved that with your examples. But what you FAILED TO SHOW was that WHAT SORT OF ACTIONS DID THEY MAKE THEM SAY THAT? Please check that I have written that THERE SHOULD BE MORE TO IT THAN JUST INTUITION. Please check the following statements that I have already written above and my comments. "If you have had such experience, I would like to hear about it." -- obviously you don't have such an experience. So why bother leaving an answer? did you really read what I wrote here? "Aside from that, it will give me more proof that i'm not the only one experiencing this if I see other women can sense it too." -- once again, i'm looking for other people with the SAME experience. another thing is that i'm trying to gather WOMEN'S opinions. so are you a woman? "Otherwise, maybe i'm just more intuitive than others." -- if there's no other people experiencing similar incidents then at least i can say that i'm more intuitive than others because so far most of my gut feelings have been accurate. you can ask my boyfriend about that. i can give u his email. --- NEVERTHELESS, thank you for posting in my discussion. I wish that you would read more of my discussions in the future. I don't mind criticisms as long as they're constructive and just a person trying to a SMART ALECK! My principle in life: I LOVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I EXERCISE IT EVERYDAY.
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This is a decision that I am having a hard time with. I just need someone elses opinion before I change my life. My husband is out of town a lot. He had gotten a prescription for cialis and I asked him to keep it in the house in his drawer. I found out later on that he had taken this medication to work with him and it was nearly gone. I questioned him about it and he said that he took it with him so he could take it just before he got home but it just didn't work out. In other words we had no relations. We argued about it and I told him that he had no business taking it with him. He stated that they didn't do anything for him and he had taken 2 of them. My gut just jumped and knotted and is still knotted. After that argument, he even went and got another prescription filled, took it with him, and later on that week he came home and we had relations. I asked him about the pills and he said that he took them, "Couldn't I tell" That was only one time with me, but they were all gone after that.What happened to the rest of them? My gut is telling me that he is lying through his teeth and the feeling won't go away.We have been married for 15 years and I have tried really hard to believe him, but the feeling won't go away. Please help
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28 Jan 14
Hi, I am interested in what responces you received.