Proud of my baby

February 1, 2010 3:41am CST
Just wanted to share how happy and proud I am of being a mom. My daughter is now 7 months old and she can stand on her own now (she's still trying to walk), and now eating more solids. She can now pronounce syllables like "thuh" and just this morning she said something like "peer." It's such a wonderful feeling to see my baby developing so fast. Babies are really a great gift to us moms.
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• Philippines
11 Feb 10
i feel the same also a proud mother. cherish every moment with your baby.
@emine08 (1531)
• Indonesia
1 Feb 10
i absolutely agree with you. baby is a gifts. congratulation of being a mother, your main job as a mother is waiting for you.
@tayd88 (205)
• Malaysia
1 Feb 10
Congratulations moonchild117 ,that you are now a proud mother.I still remembered my daughter when she just born ,she tried to open one of her eyes and then the other.It was such a gift. Few days later,whenever she wanna go somewhere instead of lying all the time,she'd just pretend to cough up.At that time,everyone are watching her closely,so when she cough up,someone will attend to her.The moment she saw us,she'll just raised her hands(that means she want to be carry around).Then she'll point her fingers to the place she wanna go in the house.That's how she'd pulled the tricks on us & she always succeeded. I still trying to figured out how she learned how to finger pointing around when she's just a few days old.perhaps it's a natural human behavior/reaction??God only knows. And one last sentence,when she's 3-4 years old,she always pulled the trick on us by locking the bathroom door from outside when someones taking a bath.Now she's 7 years old......... Be proud of your daughter especially when she succeeded in pulling some tricks on you & family.....someday.
@much2say (35985)
• United States
1 Feb 10
That's so neat . . . I love hearing about babies' milestones! You sure must be a happy and proud mom! I have a 12 week old son - and already it's hard for me to believe he's that "old" now - ha ha. He's doubled his birth weight, cries out "m-ma" for milk, smiles and coos . . . and he likes to be upright and held to walk . . . I'm scared he might be an early walker - hee hee. We also have an almost 5 year old daughter too . . . it gets more and more exciting as the kids get older!!! Take care of you and your wonderful baby . . . enjoy!
@Godmother (476)
• Indonesia
1 Feb 10 cute.... I'm happy for you moonchild. Just enjoy her while you can and savour each beautiful moments. because time flies, and before you know it, she's borrowing you lipstick already...