Do you often rent house?

February 1, 2010 4:06am CST
Hi mylotters,I would like to say,this is the fourth time for me to rent house in passed one year.I do believe it's hard to rent a inexpensive and suitable house.there are lots of issue appeared after you living in new house.For the first time,the house is too samll to live,Its 7 square meter space made me feel constrained and uncomfortable(but the price is cheaper). After that I rent another house which is too far away from my work place,I thought it is not a problem for me to get up a little earlier every day,but I am definetly wrong,I must cross the crowded big city by taking one and half an hour treck from my home to company. I left that place as fast as I can, started to rent the third house which I am living in now,for this time the price is ok,the distance is ok,but the basic facilities are not very well,there is no internet and air conditioning,so I just can login Mylot by cellphone and put myself in the midst of lot of quilts... I made my forth contract to rent a hourse yestoday,I made a quick check on it,the TV, the internet,the thermos bottle...hope everything will be ok this time lol
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