February 1, 2010 4:42am CST
Hey guys.... This question just popped out of my head as I was reading some mylot posts..... What is a goth or gothic... I've been hearing it over and over again..... pls post and happy mylotting
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@didi13 (2925)
• Romania
23 Jul 12
Means to have your own style. Instead you want to look fashionable, just want to not be. That is to be a fashion follower past the classic stuff and not blinking. Usually the focus is on red scarlet and black. Predominant white makeup, tattoos, bracelets strange amulets, etc.. It means something like: I do not want too many people around, go about your business. It is usually used by people antisocial. For people who simply live their life without others to stick their nose. People who prefer fewer words and loneliness in the face of extra words and too many people who have nothing to look around them. Usually goth style and simplicity is introspection. And depth.