How would you continue if you had this opportunity?

February 1, 2010 8:43pm CST
A relative offers to help you out put up a food business. So you start looking for the right people and the right location. Once you have found that, you go back to him/her and asks for the money. You are given an amount that would allow you to place a deposit on the place, which you do. It only covers half the needed amount for the advance rental so you negotiate with the lessor. The lessor gives you more time. When the deadline comes, you now ask for the rest of the money from the relative. But again you are only given an amount that wouldn't even cover for the rest of the advances and deposit. So again you negotiate, and due to the lessors kindness you are given another extension. Since you are only able to secure the place and nothing left to buy needed equipment and materials, what would you do? Would you give it up and return the money to your relative? Would you continue despite knowing that only a small amount will be arriving in the next few days and nothing forthcoming from the relative? Give up or charge on?
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