fear about future

February 2, 2010 1:14am CST
sometimes,i feel not confident about ourselves.i fear if my future will bad.although everything will be right for me.but i do not know why i always feel fear about my future.if you was like,what do you do to overcome this??
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• Indonesia
2 Feb 10
I think thats normal to be afraid about what will happened in the future. Because sometimes, everything that we plan for the future, never be come true. And we never know about our future. But I think you should not focus about your fear to face your future. Think about the good things, and always thankful to God for everything that He gave to you. If you always think about a good thing, i'm sure, in the future u will get a good thing too. If you are too busy to think about ur fear, I'm sure u will get stressful and maybe it will affect your life in present. And it can ruin everything. So enjoy your life. Just let all the things that should happened whether its good or not. And I know that God always have the best plan for our life
• India
2 Feb 10
There should be every reason for doing any activity. If you feels fear, then the main reason for it is, you are not finding the solution for the problem, you are finding what are the problems which i faced in that situation, this may create fear in you. So don't think about the problems you are facing in that situation, try to solve the problems.
• China
2 Feb 10
i have the same sense as you recently,about my job,my life.for expendiency i live in the dorm which belong to my college schoolmate.you know... not freeness.and my job which is a new vocation towards my own professional in college.
@varron (453)
• Philippines
2 Feb 10
In psychological terms this is what we called "anxiety". Anxiety is the state where in an individual is afraid of what happens next and in the future or future events. Sometimes it is natural to feel anxiety. But the feeling of anxiety depends upon its level and the reasons why he or she is being afraid. In severe cases wherein an individual is suffering in almost uncontrolled feeling of anxiety, a psychologist or a psychiatrist might be a great help.