About Urine Therapy

February 2, 2010 8:43pm CST
Have any of you who have experience of urine therapy? I heard a lot of benefits from the urine for treatment as well as material for some drugs, is that correct. Let's share here to give enlightenment to others
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@youless (98384)
• Guangzhou, China
3 Feb 10
I have heard about the urine therapy but I have never believed it. I don't think the drinking the urine will be helpful for our body. If it can cure the disease, then we don't need the medicine any more because the we can get the urine easily. And we even don't need the doctors. It just doesn't make a sense to take the urine as the medicine. I love China
@ramos7881 (345)
• United States
3 Feb 10
I have not had any experience with it, but I did read an article about how to do the treatment and why it was good for you. The article I read also listed medications that were made from urine. Can't remember the site though...