My Final Year Project

@deenaly (162)
February 2, 2010 10:21pm CST
I'm doing a final year project entitled "The Optical Ray Tracing Technique in Lens System". Right now I got stuck in some areas of my research and I would like to know if any of MyLotters can help me with these problems. 1. I know that going beyond the paraxial approximation simply means to restore the trigonometric angles, no longer approximate them to themselves. E.g.: sin(x) = sin (x), no longer sin(x)=x. But is that just it? 2. One of the applications involving the correction of spherical aberration is projected in manual camera. Is the correction happened because of the apertures? 3. I could not find anywhere in the net a brief history of ray tracing technique involving optical system. Most I've encountered are about the technique in computer graphics. I'm really in a bind because I need to submit the final proposal by the end of this February. My supervisor said I only have achieved 40% of my total progress...
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