February 3, 2010 1:45am CST
Do you feel that all the new creams which are out now really serve the purpose....Eg anti aging,anti dark spots....etc
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• United States
3 Feb 10
Being a student of business who had to study a number of cases about ethics in certain industries, I can say that I don't completely trust all the skin care products that promise certain cure to our problems. Recently, my professor gave us a case to read where it said that an American firm who was supposed to provide customers only organic skin care things had completely different formula in the products. For instance, in a cream which was supposed to have rosemarry extracts had only its fragrance. I was quite shocked to find that out. But what I understood from this was that those products didn't do what they promised. Also I have used several products that did not work at all. One of my best friends kept buying a number of moisturizers but they didn't serve any purpose. We, thus need to research these creams before spending our money on them. But somehow I have learned to trust Neutrogena creams. They seem to be the only ones to deliver what they promise.