Are you nervous?

February 3, 2010 4:29am CST
Whew! I am now. I'll be having an interview in just a few minutes and gosh I hate interviews but what can I do, i have to deal with it. Wish me luck guys.
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@lowloy (316)
• United States
4 Feb 10
I try not to be nervous, but I have a nuerological problem that sometimes makes me stutter when I talk. Good luck with your interview, but you probably did not need it because I believe you are confident enough. Did you pass your interview or you do not know yet?
• Philippines
6 Feb 10
Thank you for the encouragement lowloy. My status is I do not know yet. Well, whatever it is I am still be thankful. Thanks for that and God bless you.
@Janey1966 (24170)
• Carlisle, England
7 Feb 10
I wish you luck and I hope the outcome is positive for you! I have sent an application form off for a job I really, really want so if I get an interview I reckon I won't have any fingernails left after biting yes, I would be nervous too. I feel for you my friend, I really do.
@phoenix8606 (4942)
5 Feb 10
hi! Yes, i am a very nervous person, and maybe that is because of my parents, who are also a little bit nervous, but I think i am the most nervous person in my whole family. I get angry very easy and shout without not much. Just someone to tell me something that I am not agree with and i can get really very nervous. I think this is my biggest fault and i think i can remove it
• Philippines
6 Feb 10
Yeah, you have to changed that one. I am too trying to be calm whenever this situation comes in my way. What I am doing right now is to trust to myself and to God and so be it. Come what may. God bless you. :)
@pengbubu (1011)
• China
3 Feb 10
Best wishes for you, lean_rose. I attended a job interview a week ago, but I screwed it up. Because I am not ready for it and also I didn't make enough preparation. And I didn't plan to leave my current job before the end of Feb. What I want to say is confidence is very important. Show the best time of you. I believe in you, and you can pass it.
• Philippines
6 Feb 10
thank you penbubu, i hope i will. i am done on the interview but we have to talk about more. he schedule another time for that. gosh, when will it end?lol anyways thank you for encouraging and God bless you.