Have you ever hurt anybody unintentionally here at myLot?

@mutpal74 (314)
February 3, 2010 5:54am CST
Hi friends, today I made a blunder, I just hurt somebody unintentionally while responding to his post.May be I misunderstood his points but a mistake is a mistake and I have learnt a lesson from this and hence I request all of you to be very careful while posting responses otherwise this beautiful site will be a mess.
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• China
3 Feb 10
In our country,we always use a software what is called QQ. it's a chat software,and contained function of Remot desktop. The function can come true your operation.
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@KompitaPita (2053)
• Bulgaria
3 Feb 10
Hi, Mutpal. No, I think I have never hurt anybody here with my post. Or...if someone was hurt by me - it was maybe because of mistake... It's better to be nice with other peoples here /and not only here/. Nobody loves bad peoples, which are talking just to annoying you and sometime I see some members trying to be 'bad' , but I just don't care about that. Nobody can't hurt me - and the most important is that I do not try to hurt other users in any ways. Don't do to other peoples what you don't want they to do with you.
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@Java09 (3080)
• United States
3 Feb 10
I may have,because when I disagree with someone they usually get offended.I disagree in a nice way.I'm not mean about it.I think it's very easy to take comments and discussions the wrong way,because you're not face to face with the person.