Would you look for your father that you never see since birth?

February 3, 2010 6:40am CST
In our world, there are lots of broken family. Grow up in a place where you never see your real father. You grew up, have your own family without a father figure. For a years that passed, would you still look for your father? Would it be important to know who he was? what he look like? What's his lifestyle? Does it still matter? What's your opinion?
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• United States
12 Feb 10
I would want to look for my father. I would be so curious what he loong like, what he talked and acted like. I would like to see if I was like him in any way. I would definately lok for him.
• United States
22 Jan 11
question. what do you do when you have no info on him at all nothing no name no date of birth nothing. everytime i ask my mother or grandparents they pretend i dind't ask or just get mad and i really need to find him......
@besthope44 (12141)
• India
21 Mar 10
Well, its a curiosity and feeling to get to know about the father. We may like to see how he looks, his attitude, his character. Its common feeling, so checking out is not wrong.
21 Mar 10
If I were on the situation, I will definitely look for my father. Because not a single person will be alive if there is no father and a mother. Then of course there will be a question within will build from childhood to adulthood to why and how did it happen? It will always depend on how will your life will end up when you grew up.It is a matter of choice. God bless
• Papua New Guinea
11 Feb 10
For me, yes, i will look for him. He has to know my existence and what has become of me.
• Australia
3 Feb 10
I was adopted when i was 6 weeks old... i found out i was adopted when my parents thought i was old enough to understand it all... i have met my Birth mother and we still keep in contact to this day every X-mas and birthday. i have never met my birth father. As much as i would like to meet him, know who he was and what he is like, im not sure about it. maybe in the future i will look for him, or ask more about him. but i think it will still always play a part in your life, knowing or not knowing. =]