how frequent do you clean your toilet and bath?

February 3, 2010 7:06am CST
hi all! i am not very neat and tidy, but i don't want the toilet and bath to be dirty either. i don't like foul odors because they make me sneeze. so i make sure that the t and b smells nice and clean. i don't really clean the whole thing everyday. however, if i see something that needs cleaning, i do it right away. such as water droplets on the mirror, i wipe them immediately before they become water stains. if the toilet bowl smells, i brush it and put disinfectant and flush it. if the bowl rim has urine spillage, i wipe it off with tissue and disinfectant. if there is hair on the floor bathroom floor, i gather them and pick them up to be thrown in the trash can. if there are hair on the dry area, i get a wet mop and mop the small space. it does not even take 2 minutes to clean all the hairs and some dust and debris. but as for wiping the dust off the shelves, sometimes i do it once a month or every two months. i also throw out the trash everyday because they get smelly due to my baby's diapers. i do this so that it will not take so much time in one sitting to clean the entire area. i think that is sooo tiring. so i break the workload and work on it as soon as i see the need. do you also do this? or do you clean your t and b like once a week and do nothing throughout the week? take care all and God bless you! happy mylotting!:D
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@emine08 (1531)
• Indonesia
3 Feb 10
I usually clean my bathroom 2 times a week. I clean everything that are in the bathroom. after that I put some pragrance. don't be lazy. keep clean and healty life my friend. cheers
@thebestmom (1105)
• Philippines
3 Feb 10
my childrens toilet is cleaned once or twice a week. but the one we are using does not have a regular schedule. we just do it when we see something dirty. just like yours. it makes it a lot easier.
• United States
3 Feb 10
Our bathroom is cleaned about 3 times a week. This includes the toilet, sink, tub and floors.