a delicate subject on religion

@bryanwmc (1052)
February 3, 2010 8:23am CST
i live in a predominant muslim country , with about 30% of d population of other faiths..and so far we have a high level of tolerance for each other faiths and beliefs and get along famously among our interfaith population..like celebrating with each other when its comes to christmas,chinese new year , or the deepavali(indians festival of lights) and our goverment encourages and supports this inter acceptance and tolerance whole heartedly , but lately it has been very disheartening to find out that there are also extremist who have reared their ugly nature and tried to stir up friction among our society, it stemmed from the use of the word "ALLAH" as reference to "GOD in non muslim literature,and it was a ruling by our judiciary,HIGH COURT in this instance as acceptable in some christian publication, and hence was used as an excuse for certain parties to stir up unrest, like disfiguring and vandalizing religious places of worship.but it is suspected that their motives were political, point being ,religion should never be used as justification to provoke,incite any sort of conflict..its just morally wrong and reprehensible..
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@saphrina (31650)
• South Africa
3 Feb 10
People can be so damn naive in todays life. So what if you are from another religion. And if you believe that allah is the real name so be it. Don,t those people have anything better to do with their time? Maybe i should come there and keep them busy. They will not have the time to breath when i am finished with them. I can only say ignore them, but it is not likely that, that will even work on them. Unfortunately they can be very persistent.