Do you Decorate Your Laptop/Notebook?

United States
February 3, 2010 9:48am CST
Yesterday I found myself searching ebay for a new colored hard case for my mac. I currently have orange and aqua, but want purple, and green, and would love it if I could find brown. I also took a look at some skins, for the cover and the trackpad. It made me wonder if others also decorate their Laptop or Notebook? Do you decorate yours? I have stickers around my keyboard and monitor in addition to the hardcase. I have also considered purchasing skins for my cell phone. Does anyone decorate any other gadgets, your phone? Your game system?
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@phoenix8606 (4977)
3 Feb 10
hi! I use the laptop of my cousin, because I have already sold mine, but when I still had it, I haven't decorate it at all, because I liked it the way it looked and hope still looks. My cousin's laptop is decorated with inscriptions made from himself with paint and some stickers, but I like the way it looks
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5 Feb 10
Wow Phoenix, your friend sounds really creative. I actually heard of someone who carefully painted a design on their game system, and then they sent it in to be repaired and the tech cleaned off all of their hard work. That would really irritate me, and I just stuck on stickers from a bubblegum machine, so I can't imagine how this person felt. Thanks for replying.
5 Feb 10
well, your welcome. :)