do you guys normally defend someone?

February 3, 2010 9:57am CST
coz i have a classmate who defends me a lot of times already , and my friends and other classmates were just teasing or joking but he interprets it as being mean. I appreciate what he did at first but later on, he was already using an angry tone at them which made me embarrassed because after all, they were just joking. he kept saying to them that they should be good to me coz i did something for them but i mean its a little unsettling if you know what i mean.
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• Philippines
5 Feb 10
well maybe that guy have a feelings towards you..cause i think not every guys defend a girl just because they are friends..but because you are special to him
@frosty89 (75)
• Japan
4 Feb 10
no but i would love to have one. makes the world a more interesting place.
@varron (453)
• Philippines
4 Feb 10
I defend on who is right. Friends or not, I will be on the side on who is right.It is not the matter of who is he or she, but a matter of who is wrong or right. Defending a mistake makes you wrong. Defending a correct makes you right.
@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
4 Feb 10
lol =D Dun think too much into it!! Sometimes, there's just this good guy around, and like to stand up for those whom are being 'bullied'.. lol =D And if that's his character, he wont see him doing it just for u, but to others as well ^_^ The only way to know if he feels something for u, is to let him defend u, in front of the gal whom likes him, or he likes.. haha =D That will be one sure way.. hehe
• Philippines
4 Feb 10
My friends way back in highschool defend me over an enemy. Yes even at younger age I have an enemy but I do not go down to their level because I was so busy with school stuff. I have a group of friends, to defend me that is why I was confident. I did defend them too, when I have to. In my family, I defend every member of it and even friends from friends, from the way I know everyone of them, that I do not believe in such accusations stoning at them. I normally defend someone I love, trust and have faith off. the people that are being true to me and I am to them.
@qamarep (4447)
• Pakistan
3 Feb 10
yes always but nowadays i am thinking that i am in kind of a mental situation thats why i do i want to stop doing this.