Fellow Mylotters' I need you help :/

United States
February 3, 2010 10:30am CST
There's this girl I know her name is Jessica. Me and Jessica go awhile back I met her in freshman year and I fell in love. Problem is she has a boyfriend. So my buddy invited me over his place, thing is he invited Jessica over to so it was me, My friend, my friend's brother and cousin and Jessica. So when I saw her I was happy, and a little excited. So Jessica was sitting in the living room and the rest of us were in my friends room playing video games and my buddy told me to go make my move. So I did, I sat next to her on the coach and like I started touching her stomach and she said she didn't want to because she had a boyfriend, then I grabbed her breast and she flipped and said she was going to tell her boyfriend and I was going to get jumped. So now He's going to wait after school so he can fight me, what should I do guys, avoid the fight, or fight.... :/
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@saphrina (31738)
• South Africa
3 Feb 10
What the HELL were you thinking????? You do not grab a girl like that. Shame on you. Now you can forget that she will ever like you, even as a friend. Don,t get me wrong, but if her boyfriend give you a hiding, it will be one you will not forget, very soon. I am so dissappointed, to hear that you actually did something like that. That was totally rude and unforgiving. The least you can do, is apologise to both of them.
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@Seppy1984 (2145)
• United States
3 Feb 10
Wow, lets start this response out by letting me say that I am a female. OK I am going to try to give you some tips and hints for next time you want to make your move. Well I will have to say that the way you did it was totally wrong. I could understand maybe touching her stomach or even trying to hold her hand but when she stated that she did not want to because she has a boyfriend you should have respected her wishes. So as for the fight you can go either way, if you really like her you could try fighting the guy but if you want to avoid fighting because you like her you could easily tell her that you made a mistake and that it will not happen again. OK for the tips, this is what I would want a guy to do if I had a boyfriend. Start out with saying hi and maybe handing me a flower. Then make sure that he sits not more then about 3 inches close to me because that then will show that he respects my wishes. Then after that easily start out with asking questions like how was your day and such questions like that. Then if you really want to get to know her and all you could ask would you like to take a walk to the store and get a pop or something like. If she then says sure then talk to her while you walk. This way it will give you and her a chance to get to know each other. But do respect the girl by trying not to be to close to her while walking because this way it will show that you have respect for females when they do or do not have boyfriends. Then this will slowly show her that it would be fun to keep hanging out with you and then you never know she might just end up falling for you because you did all the right things. I hope that this will help you get perspective from a females words. Well Good Luck and Happy Mylotting