best and cheapest way to lose weight?

United States
February 3, 2010 11:06am CST
Does anyone know of the cheapest way to lose weight? But that won't cost me a fortune to do? I'm not trying to lose 100lbs or anything just about 20 or so. I don't feel that I need to invest in a program for 20lbs. So what do you think is the best and cheapest way to lose about 20lbs?
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@besthope44 (12135)
• India
29 Jul 10
Count the calories as you eat. It’s a good idea to have an idea of the calories that most food items have. If it is a packed thing then the label is sure to have the calories that the substance has.
• Philippines
11 Feb 10
Hi there! Well, you can do jogging for a mile or two in a day. And cut down on your regular diet, but always have breakfast because that is very important for your brain. And another thing, drink a glass of water before a meal so that you will feel full already and you will be ingesting food much less.
@Ritchelle (3795)
• Philippines
5 Feb 10
based from my experience and what a lot of people would say simply controlling one's food intake would do quite enough. follow the recommended serving portions and take the fat free route if you can in following those recommended servings.
@abitcurious (1423)
• Philippines
3 Feb 10
Have a proper diet and exercise. If your really want to lose weight simply walking and not watching your diet wont get you far. At first it would be hard since you are used to a certain lifestyle. But once proper diet and exercise becomes a part of your life it gets easier. Everybody is right in saying that walking could be the cheapest way of losing weight. You could also try a skipping rope, if the weather is not that friendly you could exercise at home and its good cardio, too.
@weasel81 (2501)
• Australia
3 Feb 10
i agree with everyone else that has responed, all i did was reduce how much i ate and mainly walked. took a bit for it to start moving but i lost 12 kg in 12 months, which to me was great. i now can't pig out when we got to all u can eat chinese, i end up full after one plate. best of luck with it.
@emarie (5447)
• United States
3 Feb 10
walking. it really doesn't take much money. splitting up the meals you have and not eating as much as you normally do can also help with losing a little weight. sometimes it's those last 10lbs can be a real pain in the but. from that point if you can't lose it easily... strength training is always the best. normally using weights would be be the best but anything that had weight to it that you could hold just do reps and maybe some lunges and crunches for your legs and core.
@katsalot1 (1619)
3 Feb 10
Eat less fatty food and do more exercise. It costs nothing at all. Walk instead of driving, and you will save money and do some good for the environment. Substituting fruit for cakes is much healthier as well.