50 Million Loto Max Winner

February 3, 2010 11:30am CST
In Canada there is a newer lottery out called Loto Max. Well just before Christmas in 2009 a couple from outside of Winnipeg won this as a single winner. They have a 16 year old daughter and just them. This is a lot of money to win. Of course this was big news to our city and all the little cities just outside of here. Everyone knew about the winnings and everyone wanted to know what are they going to do with the winnings? Well we all soon found out they bought 15 houses for friends and families to live in, they bought 30 brand new vehicles for friends and family, they donated $1000.00 to each band member on their reserve, and much more. They are building their own $700,0000 house, paying for free gas for all these vehicles for the first year and insurance, drivers license, and what not. I think what they did with there money was a great Idea. They can't help everyone, but they helped a lot of people. They still have millions of dollars left and they say they will help the food banks this year and other things for all the cities around them. They also want to travel with their daughter and see the world. What would you do if you do if you won this much money? Do you think what they did was fare? A lot of people around here think they are being greedy, and only helping people they know. I figure at least they are helping someone and not holding it all for them selves. I think most people are just jealous. You never know maybe they had a ticket for that draw and they could feel a lilttle angry a winner so close to home but it wasn't them!! lol
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