How can i encourage my kids to eat

February 3, 2010 4:19pm CST
Ihave 3 kids,they almost eat nothing ,i do not know what to do ,they are so very slim the like nothing ,they only like to eat fast food and i can not afford delivering fast food all the time,have tried many ways to encourage them to eat or to like home cooking but now way i do not know what to do,can any one help me?
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• United States
3 Feb 10
You can try taking them to the store with you, when you buy groceries. Have them help you pick out what you need to buy. Like tell them each something that you need to buy, and have them find it and pick it out, for you. If they're involved in the choosing/buying/and maybe the cooking, they'll be more likely to eat the food. If they're in the store with you, they might see something that they would like to try, too. However, let them pick out a certain kind of food that you don't want them to eat. Don't make a separate meal, just so they will eat something. However, when you cook, try to include something that they do like, in each meal. If they have something they like, along with something they don't, they'll be more likely to try the parts that they don't like. Try introducing new foods, because they're going to find something they like, eventually. Never force them to eat. That will make it worse. They will see food as a bad thing, and something to fight about. If they don't like a certain food the first time, don't worry... it can take more than a few times, for them to develop a taste for it. Just ask them to taste it, but don't force them to eat it. Hopefully, they'll grow out of being picky
• Jordan
4 Feb 10
Thank you so much ,i will try that
• United States
4 Feb 10
Thank you for the best response I spotted a typo that I made. I should be: However, don't let them pick out a certain kind of food that you don't want them to eat. Sorry about that