Father vs Mother

February 3, 2010 4:42pm CST
I must admit that I consider my mom as my best friend since I was in college where I can share all my boy problems and all, its a different thing with my dad though where I can not speak with him for a whole month if I can. The same goes with my younger sisters and brothers where they can be themselves when our mom around but not with our dad. I noticed, that most of the children have this undeniable bond with their moms but have weird relationship with their dads. The question is, are you much closer with your mom or with your dad?
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@towongfoo27 (2989)
• United States
14 Feb 10
I am much closer to my mother than my dad because my mom had been there for me every step of the way, where my real dad has not. After about 34 years of looking for my real dad, I found him online. I was so excited, too! We even got a dna cheek-swab test, and he even called me once in 36 years. Yet my mom has been the one closer to me that knows when I am upset or happy. We share many things, like a bunch of old girlfriends. My dad on the other hand, lies about ever knowing about me when I was still a baby, whereas my mom has evidence that says otherwise. I don't understand why he would continue to lie. I called him on it one time, and then proceeded to tell him how I really feel about the whole situation, and he has not spoken to me since. It is a shame, too, after 36 years of not being able to know who my real dad is. I wish he was more in my life, but not under the guise of lie.
@acie_21 (5640)
• Philippines
11 Feb 10
heheheh!hi there friend.. i choose my father!for he listens everything what we want to speak.. we can all let it out!and about love problem..i had no problem about that hehehe!...i often share my secrets to him than to my mom..cause my mom is very picky when it comes to my love life and stick too!heheh!...he always picks the man for me..my mom is kinda a judgmental person..but in a good way.. me and my sister are scared with my our mom we couldn't barely talk about certain matters..we dont wanna hurt her feelings for she is sensitive..hehehe!like me..hehehe! but our mom is the best mom for us..with out her there is no us.. she is still my mom and i have to respect every decision she makes for us.. and we know its for the best ..but there are times she always makes the decision.. and it doesn't sound good to us anymore..for we have our own minds,decision,and heart... back to our dad...i never felt any regret having him as our dad.. i just pity on him when it comes to financial problems...he cries often and get stressed easily...we cared for his health so much for he isn't get any younger.. his our best buddy!in the whole wide world!... loved our parents so much! thanks! have a nice evening!
@chazzief (237)
• Malaysia
8 Feb 10
I'm closer with my dad! It's because when I was young, and I saw that I had a brother and then two sisters, I think they might need my mom more than me, so I turn to my dad and i'm kinda daddy's girl too. hahaha.. I used to cry when my dad is outstation and since he always call me everyday when I was in university, so I always missed him more than mom. But I don't really share problems with neither mom or dad because I prefer to keep it to myself tho.
• United States
3 Feb 10
I would say my mom. I talk to as much as i can about my problems.