What do you use more the microwave or the stove and why?

February 3, 2010 8:16pm CST
what do you use more, the microwave or the stove and why?
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• United States
6 Feb 10
I only use the microwave for reheating. Usually soup or hot water. I am one of those people that believe the microwave Zaps the nutrition out of anything you put in the microwave.
@Theresaaiza (10533)
• Australia
5 Feb 10
we dont have microwave so I rely on our stove. Sometimes, we have to burn wood or coal inorder to cook when our tank runs out of LPG. Life in the Philippines! Sigh.
@davidshin (143)
• United States
4 Feb 10
I would have to say the microwave, it's so much faster and easier to use. The best part is that you can pop something in, and go do something else, IT'LL TELL YOU WHEN IT'S DONE. :)(Got to love technology) Unlike the stove, if you forget, you know you smell the smoke. Plus as tasty as the food that you make yourself is, sometimes time does not permit you to leisure your time in cooking, and at that time INSTANT FOOD. YEAH! :D
@p3ks626 (6548)
• Philippines
4 Feb 10
I used the stove more often. It actually depends on what I am cooking when I have to use the microwave and other things in the kitchen. I am also more comfortable of using the stove because I think when I use the microwave, my options in cooking the food that I want to cook is somewhat limited.
@Hatley (164259)
• Garden Grove, California
4 Feb 10
hi damalimcpherson I used to use both about equally as I loveed the microwave to cook veggies fast without losing flavor or vitamins, and the stove for cooking all my favorite pasta dishes as they'do not do well in a microwave. but that was then, now I am in a retirement center where we do not cook, but are fed in the dining room.
• United States
4 Feb 10
I tend to use the microwave more for breakfast and the oven for cooking dinner. I guess in the morning i'm in a hurry. In the evening I have more time.