Have you been embarassed in front of your patient?

@reco13 (605)
February 4, 2010 6:59am CST
Many times have I experienced this and I can't help it but cry. As a Volunteer Nurse, I accepted every harsh words the doctors tell me when I commit mistakes. I really cry especially when being scolded in front of the patient. But I guess those events really made me tougher and stronger. Up to now, I hate those events. But I like what I am now. I now know how to assert and defend myself from these events and these people. I don't think that they have the right to humiliate or degrade nurses for simple mistakes. At least now, I am more composed and matured... Do you have the same experience?
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@habby69 (122)
4 Feb 10
those are experiences in which we loose patience but they teach us a lot..this happened to me in other case.when i had finished any chapter in maths and teacher would say to teach some questions to students and revise your self.at that time if i forget anything than i was embarassed a lot.but learned a lot from these things.