Do you wear wristwatch? In which arm?

@Juszie (77)
February 4, 2010 9:16am CST
Hi.. I meet people wearing wristwatch in his/her left arm, and also in right arm. Is there a rule or custom to wear wristwatch? What about you? Do you wear wristwatch? in which arm? Me, I don't wear any, I don't know why, but I just don't like it.
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@phoenix8606 (4977)
4 Feb 10
hi! yes, I wear a wristwatch on my left arm, like the most normal people :) i like watches very much and have a very good one, because I want to have something qualitative and good :)
@megamatt (14323)
• United States
4 Feb 10
Whenever I go out in public, I wear a wristwatch. I just feel naked without it. Unfortunately, mine does not work right now. Need to remember to get a new battery the next time I am out somewhere. I wear it on my left arm. That just seems like the smoothest arm to raise up and check the time. Right arm just seems to be rather awkward.
4 Feb 10
i wear a watch on my left hand.I am a right-hander though.Been thinking of buying a new watch next year.See ya
@wizteen (504)
• India
4 Feb 10
yes i wear a wrist watch.and i wear it on my left hand. i dont know if theres any custom about wearing it on any particular hand. i wear it in left hand because thats how i started doing it.and i find it comfortable to have it in the left hand.
• India
4 Feb 10
I wear the wristwatch in my left arm.
@emine08 (1531)
• Indonesia
4 Feb 10
neither do I. I get skin allergic if I wear wristwatch.
@habby69 (122)
4 Feb 10
i liked to wear a few months ago but now don't wear the left arm.
@Hazelrose (2182)
• Philippines
4 Feb 10
Hi Juszie,Yes sometimes, and it is in my left arm,while bracelets in the right arm.I think it depends on the wristwatch user which arms he/she wants. Happy mylotting!
@cher913 (25865)
• Canada
4 Feb 10
my dad passed away last year and he had a very old Bulova watch (it is a wind up and still works) i really like it and i wear it all the time. i am right handed and i wear it on my left wrist.