You feel guilty when you have to give someone bad news?

@icesmile (7160)
February 4, 2010 12:39pm CST
You know, when police came to the door and call and give bad news about an accident or a doctor who says he lost just one patient ... When you have to announce your boss that you must move the house in another city, when you know he needs you to work?When you have to announce your spouse that you lost your job when you know that your money were so important. When you have to announce your girlfriend or boyfriend that you meet someone and you are in love and you will marry soon... This kind of news, ... how you handle them? wait a specific time, looking for the right time and prepare the person to be easier when he hear the bad news?
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@tigeraunt (6327)
• Philippines
6 Feb 10
dear ice, bad news are always sad news. when announcing a bad news it is often in a private place where the other person receiving would be able to express himself yet not be embarrassed with his sudden action and so that others do not stare. i dont feel guilty.. i only feel sad. ann
@Fulltank (2882)
• Philippines
4 Feb 10
A news is a news, no matter how bad it is. Though its not a pleasant thing to give a bad news to a friend, I think its still our responsibility to tell it to him/her. No matter what will be the consequences of it, we are there to comfort him/her and maybe give some advice about it.
@dawnald (84939)
• Shingle Springs, California
4 Feb 10
I don't know if it's exactly guilt, but I don't like to give people news if it's going to make them feel bad.
@mama_bear (1120)
• Canada
4 Feb 10
hmm, not really because i am merely a messenger, i do however empathize in some cases. but i have discovered that being honest and forthright is the best policy in most cases.
@megamatt (14294)
• United States
4 Feb 10
I never like to be the bearer of bad news. So I tend to try and get out of being the one who gives it whenever possible. After all, the messenger is the one that any frustrations are taken out on. Therefore, giving such a message is not among the best ideas. If I do have to give the bad news and have no choice, I break it to the person I am giving it to as gently as possible. Try and brace them for the impact. I hope they do not take it too badly. I try and keep it as low key as possible, even if the news is bad. Still, breaking bad news, no matter if its only slightly bad or very bad is not a fun thing to do at all.
• India
4 Feb 10
I dont feel guilty as such but am not that easy with the situation!