what is really true friends to you??

February 4, 2010 7:47pm CST
is it easy to have a true and honest friend?? how do we know that they are true and honest to you??? yeah..it's good to be friendly and be good to others,,but there are people who makes use of your kindness for their own good,,, what can you say about it???
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@besthope44 (12124)
• India
17 Jul 10
Well excepting less and accepting friends for what they are..will make it a long lasting friendships.
• Philippines
10 Feb 10
Hi there! I think it would still be okey if some people will take advantage of the kindness that you show to them. As long as you are doing thr right thing and your conscience is clear. Because we can never tell if the person that we met won't take advantage of us, so it is safer to be kind all the time, we lose nothing, but most important we gain a friend.
@Hubfee (665)
• Thailand
5 Feb 10
it's not much easy to have true friend, but it doesn't mean that true friend doesn't exist. Look for the one who worth your trust, that is a true friend. True friends are the people who can watch your back and give you a hand whenever you need though you even didn't ask for yet. Some people try to be nice and make friend because they feel shy just to be alone and has nothing to do. nothing to care for them, one day they won't even exist in your life. Keep only the real ones, that's enough.
@jaiho2009 (39156)
• Philippines
5 Feb 10
hello jolano, I understand what you mean in here. Yes,it is true...some people who pretend to befriended with us,for their own sake and privilege Well,those people are not real friends...and they can be easily known. We need to be sensitive when it comes to knowing who were among our friends is real or fake. True friends are those people who never leave us in times of troubles. Who love us even if we keep doing mistakes,and they will never stop protecting us even if we hurt them sometimes. True friends will always be there...whatever it takes...no word is enough to describe a true friend. It is our heart who can tell us,who's real and who's fake.
@asanlee (408)
• Indonesia
5 Feb 10
Hallo...to become good friends need time, need to go through many things together, from those things has happened, you can judge whether a friend can be considered as a good friend or not yet. A friend is someone always give you strength, no matter what silly things you have done ,a true friend will never laugh at you ,but he will be your best listener. A friend will share not only the happy moment, but also when you are sad , he will always by your side. A friend is always sincere towards you, and you 'll never cover up your real emotion in front of him. So judge a friend from what they has done from daily life,not just the appearance...then you'll find true friendship!!! Happy mylotting!!!
• Philippines
5 Feb 10
Hello Jolan07.. for me it's not easy to find a true friends.. so-called friends maybe.. cause their are some people who will only make friends with you because they know that they can get something from you.. but when it's already you who need something they are all gone.. just like the wind.. as for me a true friend is like an air who will always be there for you and would never leave you.. who will be with you through ups and downs and through thick and thin.. a friend who can accept your weaknesses as well as your strengths.. a friend who can accept you for who you are.. it might be difficult to find a true friend here on earth but we must not forget that in our life we always have a true friend and that is Jesus Christ.. He will always be with us everytime we need him.. He would never leave us.. and would never forsake us.. I may have my best friends here on earth.. but in my heart my number one best friend would be Him.. take .. happy mylotting and GOD BLESS... happy posting.. :)
• China
5 Feb 10
I think a true friend is hard to meet.But it is really existing ,you need to take more times to understand did he/she is a true friend or not.I think a true friend is very important for us.when you have a bad mood ,you wants to talk to her and she would live to share with your bad mood.when you get in troule she always around of you.
@brymel25 (285)
• Philippines
5 Feb 10
Hi jolan07! Finding true friends is indeed not easy.One can have many friends but only a few of them can be considered as true. For me, a true friend is someone who stays even at your lowest and darkest moments...Someone who is willing to stay by your side even when you don't even have all the material riches that the world can offer...Someone who is willing to share with you all your heartaches, disappointments or problems...Someone who can make you laugh even at your saddest moments...Someone who never leaves you when you are afraid...Someone who understands you when you don't even understand yourself...Someone who is willing to stay with you through thick and thin. I believe that a true friend must not use you for his own advantage. There must always be honesty and mutual respect. =)