Calling Young and the Restless Fans! New or Old Lilly?

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November 15, 2006 12:37pm CST
How could they fire the new Lilly and bring back Christel Khalil. The child cannot act. The other Lilly seemed more of a balance between Neil and Dru. She seemed like she could really be their child and had skills. Come on Christel didn't even make it on Disney when she played the small roll of Crystal (Eddie's girlfriend) on That's so Raven. What a terrible mistake Y&R. I don't even watch the show, but used to and I am still What about you all?
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1 Feb 07
I so love the old lily they have brought back,she and Daniel have soooo much more chemistry. The old Lily just never fit the role!
@kristi73 (257)
• United States
19 Dec 06
You know I did not like the old lily at first but then she grew on me. Then when the new lily came I really can't stand her. I totally agree the old lily did seem to fit with Dru and Neil.
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18 Dec 06
I agree, I wish they would'nt have gone back to the 'old' Lily - the 'new' Lily seemed to be a better actress, the 'old' one just doesn't seem to belong anymore, especially in the marriage with Daniel.
@michyg (17)
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17 Nov 06
I like both actresses, but I prefer the new Lily (the one that just got booted.) I think Christel was good when she was on before during the story line of her and Kevin and all of that drama. Her acting style fit for that story line. But the new Lilly was definitely better for this current story line going on with Dru, Neil, and the whole family. The new Lilly had more "strenth" in her character. The old Lilly seems to delicate and too much of a cry baby.
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16 Nov 06
No, I agreed they should have kept the new lilly.