what child you wished and what child you got?

February 5, 2010 12:19pm CST
everyone has a dream about their first child .. what child do you expected and what child did you get ...of course everyone will be happy with both son or a daughter ... but what was your wish??? and what you got??
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• Philippines
6 Feb 10
i want a twins of girl and boy..dont get any yet.i'm still young
@maximax8 (30579)
• United Kingdom
5 Feb 10
The first time I wanted to have a healthy baby and I didn't mind the gender. I imagined that I might have a little boy with blue eyes and dark brown hair. I got a boy with hazel eyes and mid brown hair. The second time around I wanted to have a little girl. I imagined she might have blue eyes and dark brown hair. I had a gender scan at sixteen weeks pregnancy and was told I was having a boy. It took me two days to get used to that and imagine what he might be like. I was quite ill at thirty six weeks pregnancy and I had to go into hospital for testing. An ultrasound scan showed I was expecting a little boy with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. The next three weeks were very upsetting and I was so scared about the birth. My darling little son was born after an easy two and a half hour labor at home. I didn't wish for a disabled child but I have treasured and loved him since he was born. The next time I got pregnant I was worried that I might be having another disabled child. I had extra scans in the fetal medicine unit. I didn't build up any hopes I just knew I would accept and love whichever baby I got. I was so lucky because I got my healthy little girl. She has mid brown hair and green eyes with a little brown in them.
@dawnald (84199)
• Shingle Springs, California
5 Feb 10
I don't think I really had any specific expectations. The first time around I got surprised with a blue eyed blond and the second time I got surprised with twins.