Super specials (or not ) 1 for 40c 2 for 99c HMMMMMM

February 5, 2010 7:15pm CST
I went shoping few days ago and got some kiwi they were 40c each or 2 for 99c what a saving dont you think (buying 2 will cost you 9c more) it was ment to say 3 for 99c. Another I saw was a baby set with a great special with the stickers and signs at 0.00% special it had the same price as normal say "it was 19.99 now only 19,99" and another was a dvd at 0.18% off it came to about 1c I think what a bargain I got about 100 :))))) Have you seen some "great" deals?? Do share them with us
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