do you use Youtube?

@Rikogei (107)
February 5, 2010 9:30pm CST
Youtube is banned to be watched here,coz' there are many bad things there we shouldn't to know,that is our gover told us.I don't know what those bad thins are ?Talking something bad on gover or violent and pornographic content or any other things?but I know there are still many people use it by other ways,I like watch TV shows and entertainment of different countries on net ,because I can choose those I like from there~I don't like watching TV~
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• United States
6 Feb 10
I use Youtube. Post videos as well as watch them
@Rikogei (107)
• China
6 Feb 10
so good...
• Canada
7 Feb 10
I watch videos of my favourite band - the Kinks - there. I upload all kinds of video that I shoot with my Flip Video camcorder onto Youtube. I try to get backlinks from youtube. So youtube is useful for other stuff than just watching videos although I've recently started to watch some videos from Peter Chao, which might be considered a bad thing and subversive.