Hello! Do you order food with home delivery?

February 6, 2010 7:39am CST
Hello! Do you order food with home delivery? Today I have a really bad hangover after yesterday party! I wish I had some soft drink at home now...I am so lazy to go to shop...I wish I could make a phone call and drink would be delivered straight to me. But in my county home delivery is not popular and in my city we don't have it at all. Are you a fan of home deliveries? How often do you order food or drinks to be delivered? Thanks!
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@sknsknskn (393)
• India
27 Feb 10
yes.........i order burgers, food with mc donalds home delivery.. its....really good.......to order from home.....
• Latvia
18 Apr 10
Happy you, we even don't have home delivery in my country for MC Donalds! Yes, I agree that it is good to order from home! Happy mylotting!
• Estonia
6 Feb 10
Just like in your case, home delivery isn't popular in our country too. I don't use that kind of service, because shop is just some 200m away from my home, so it's not hard to go shopping for me.
@cripfemme (7698)
• United States
6 Feb 10
I don't do it much because in my little town there are two places that deliver. One is a Chinese restaurant which has a history of giving customers food poisoning. I don't want to go there, of course. The other is a very bad pizza place. I would love to move to a town with delivery options because sometimes you just want to hang out in your sweatpants, watch a movie and have food brought to your door.
@SHAMRACK (8576)
• India
6 Feb 10
Dear friend, Yes, at times when I am home along and when there is nothing to eat. Moreover if some guests come to my home we would order food from outside. But mostly I order when I am alone and doing my work, may be lack of time to cook food.
@1hopefulman (45129)
• Canada
6 Feb 10
In the past I used to order and have my meal delivered three or four times a month. But not too much these days. I prefer to eat the food I myself prepare. Though once in a while when the urge strikes I will order. Most of the times I will order pizza from Pizza Hut, as I like the taste of their pizza.
@madoarty (55)
• Philippines
6 Feb 10
Yes, if its only for free delivery...