Do you believe that you are physic?.

New Zealand
February 7, 2010 1:32am CST
My Mother had an uncanny ability, I have it also, franklyy I try to ignore it but, initially I used to tell people stuff based on what I saw studying their hands. I have had some pretty freaky results, while ralising that it is probably just coincidence. Some of the stuff has even made me wonder. I look like a Gypsy, and people have said I should do it for a living, this is something I would not consider! Do you really believe in Physics? or are you Physic?.
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• Australia
7 Feb 10
Nope,I wish.If I were I would love the ability to track stuff.I collect antique china and go to garage sales and flea markets to try and find them.I'd love the ability to know when to stay (when people are unpacking) and when to move on to greener pastures.
@webgirl01 (693)
• United States
14 Apr 10
I'm not psychic nor i don't dig too much deep in pyshics. i just think its just for fun other than that i don't believe it. pyschics cant predict the future.
@kquiming (2999)
• Philippines
19 Mar 10
I don't think I'm psychic and I'm scared to be like on, though the subject very much interests me. Some fortune tellers and psychics tell me that I am a very spiritual person and therefore there is some psychic inside me wanting to come out (maybe true, maybe not, but I know I'm hesitant for that side of mine to be coming out). Another said that I have a third eye but is not fully opened yet - and in time, it will. She predicted that to happen around 6 to 10 years from now. ANYWAY I remember once seeing a ghost when I was a child, but that was a long time ago, and I'm not sure if I can really separate facts from imaginations. So, can you tell me what you know about reading palms? Just curious....
@minx267 (14879)
• Hartford, Connecticut
7 Feb 10
I have some psychic ability.. It is not as strong as that which my grandmother and then my father had -it seems to have diluted as it passed down.. sometimes I wish it was more.. but other times It would scare me. I do believe in psychic ability I have seen it first hand. I know there are plenty of fakes out there.. but there are plenty of them who truly do have the gift. My father did a few things that really freaked me out.. and it was always just done with no fuss (on his part) it was me that freaked. to him it was just matter of fact.