Do you hate us for not telling?

@nykel88 (1003)
February 7, 2010 2:50am CST
My friend had a quarrel with his Girl Friend yesterday. It was just a small topic really. It was about him not telling he puff a cigarette not longer 2 months ago. Just a puff 1 stick. His GF was mad because he didn't tell her about it and he just told him yesterday. For me well at least he told her right? I mean it was just 1 stick. She can't just burst in fury about that. Now they are not talking to each other. It is going to be a sad day for him. So I come up thinking if this goes the same to other girls here who are with someone. Do you hate us for not telling?
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@summer77 (415)
• Philippines
9 Feb 10
It depends upon the situation nykel. If I'm going to put myself to your friend's gf situation, I would likely be upset for him not telling me especially if he promised that he would. And I would more likely even be upset when he promised not to smoke again but then he still do. But, I don't think this kind of situation is a big issue. It is something that a guy and a girl can be discussed about. If my bf will fool me and keep it doing to me, I guess if it is going that way, I can cal it an off. Not because he don't quit smoking, or he stinks, it's because he keeps on repeating his mistake and keeps on lying, if he can't make that thing better, how much more if we get married, if it goes that way. And yes, we hate it when you guys are not telling when you promise you will. We hate to know that you have some little dirty secrets out there and the fact that we don't exactly know what it is. We hate it when you are not telling that you just slept with a girl last night and you are just making us fool. And we hate when you are just too dumb to tell us what you feel when the truth is we are just waiting for you to get the first move. lol.
@dawnald (84199)
• Shingle Springs, California
8 Feb 10
Did he promise her he wouldn't smoke any more? If that's the case, I can see why she's mad. Otherwise, I dont' get it...
@sang2k2 (1833)
• India
7 Feb 10
having a fight or argument on that lie or hiding things is normal, but stopping oneself from not talking to each other serves no purpose. i think she wanted to teach him a lesson for his lifetime thats the reason she was over reacting on the same and so that the guy will remember it and will never hide anything in future.