have you seen your friend cry? or did you cry becuase of your friend?

February 7, 2010 5:13pm CST
i dont have much friend coz im kinda selective, but when i do i really treasure them. anyway, i was 12 when i have a best friend and we were like together for 2 years when she began to spend most of er time playing tennis. I was jealous(well, I was 12 okay? ^^) so i started ignoring her thinking she would be worried and all. however she didn't and it ran for almost a year and a week before our elementary graduation i decided to write a letter for her, coz i know we can't repair the damage. so i did, and while writing down i remember what we did, the secrets, the fun things, came rushing to my head and i realize 2 things one is how much i miss her company and two, i wasn't a good friend for her. that was my first and last time crying for a friend. i met new sets of friends in high school and in college but it was different. maybe i was afraid of feeling the pain of being left alone or something. it was on my senior year in college when i got angry with one of my friend because of what she did. in contrast with my first best friend, she pulled and literally opened up herself and cried. it was my first time seeing a friend cry because she's afraid our friendship will be broken or something. and i was touch. that's when i realize that maybe...just maybe i am a good friend after all. my question is did you ever cry because you're afraid of losing your best friend...have you seen your friend cry because she's afraid of losing you?
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@chazzief (237)
• Malaysia
8 Feb 10
I've seen my friends crying, but me, being a tough me who hates to cry and hates to see people cry, I became awkward and don't know what to do. The best thing I did was sitting beside her until she stopped crying, although I think it's a stupid thing to do, but that's the best thing I can do because I don't know how to comfort people. And my friends cried during our last day of study un university and again I became awkward because in my head, I was thinking "I met new friends and losing them ever since I was in primary school so this is normal for me" but to see her cry because of this made my heart melt. I don't really have good friends because I was skeptical and being protective because I've been hurt once by a friend and I don't wanna be hurt again. However, university life taught me much about friendship and to see my friends shed tears so many time just because she miss you so much for not seeing each other for one month is too heartbreaking for me. they taught me to treasure friendship more and yeah, sometimes I almost fall into tears when I think of them..
@olthorpe (25)
• Netherlands
8 Feb 10
Sure i ever saw. There is nobody who never cries so it easy to say this. when i see them cying i always want to help and to trust them. and so they help me with that.
@jugsjugs (12967)
7 Feb 10
I have made a few friends cry in the past as they did not like what i had to say when they asked my opinion,but i am a person that will tell them the truth as well as what i think no matter what.A few weeks ago i made a friend cry as someone came to my door to tell me something so i thought about what was said about my friend and i told her what i was told and asked her if it was right,she said yes so i told her as i did not want her to get into trouble and i am sure she would prefer to hear it from me to stop anymore trouble on her door step.I have never cried over a friend and i do not ever think i will.