Would you like to get paid for taking pictures?

@Citychic (4071)
United States
February 7, 2010 7:00pm CST
Hello Mylotters, As you all know, we are paid more for submitting images here at mylot along with our discussion. So what I want to know is if there is anyone that is interested in getting paid for submitting images to other companies. I hear that the pay can be pretty good so I wanted to share a link with you that you will find at the end of my discussion. Also I just wanted to share something that's been on my heart. Recently there was a guy that approached me on another website, he said that he had seen my pictures online and he thought they were beautiful, he wanted to share them with another site but he thought that he should ask my permission first. So I told him, let me do some research on it and I'll get back with you. So I looked up the website address where he'd be posting my pictures at and I realized that while i can't say it was totally factitious.I could honestly say that I had to think twice about having my pictures posted out on the internet so that it would be accessible to the entire world wide web. Not to mention the fact, that i didn't know the guy from Adam. On one hand I felt kind of flattered that he would ask to use my pictures. But on the other hand. it was like my inner gut was telling me, if something sounds to good to be true, it probably is.... Anyhow, my hubby and I went online and googled the guys' name and we also looked up the website. The point that I would like to bring out here is this. If it had of been a well known establishment or a name that I was familiar with, I might have said yes but since I had never heard of this guy before nor the company, I told him that I wasn't interested. Besides, he was only planning to pay me $300.00 dollars for my pictures, while not to be conceited but I feel as though my picture is worth well over that sum. My mind was telling me that he was going to pay me a mere $300.00 dollars but my common sense kicked in and I wondered how much he'd be getting paid? Besides, once a picture is online, it can be edited and they can do all kinds of things to your picture. So in order to be safe, i declined the offer. Friends, please be careful when you are looking for legitimate money making offers online. Not everything that glitters is gold. Here is the site where they will pay you to submit images that I talked about in the beginning of this article.Good luck and may all of your pictures turn out nice.If you have any horror stories or instances where someone approached you asking to take your pictures and post them please feel free to share.. http://ideas.veer.com/
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@dorannmwin (36654)
• United States
10 Feb 10
The thought of selling my pictures is a very appealing thought. I love photography and I take a ton of pictures. The downfall in this idea comes from the fact that I mostly take pictures of my children and such and it is important to me that I have complete control over those pictures. I don't want pictures of my babies shown who knows where on the internet. However, I am planning on looking into the site that you've mentioned to see if I have anything that they could use.
• Boston, Massachusetts
9 Feb 10
Hi Citychic, Thanks for sharing this with us and for cautioning us with some of its possible consequences. i love taking pictures and my subject is people and events. if there will be a site who can pay us for our pictures i would love to join but of course i will make sure it is legit!
• United States
8 Feb 10
i am gonna check this website out that you mention here in your discussion,one more thing i would like to ask you how that website pays?like if they pay through paypal?by the way thank you for sharing this information with the entire mylot community.