trekpay is acting weird..LOL!

February 7, 2010 7:43pm CST
I don't really understand what's going on why most of the online sites are doing weird these days. Mylot is becoming slower, trekpay has very few ads, wordlinx ads can't be opened. Why? Is this the start of the end? I checked trekpay just a few minutes ago and clicked on the links and some say the site (of the ads) is not available, though I didn't notice if trekpay credited me for the click. I am just curious why these things are happening. Does this mean not reaching payout soon?
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• United States
8 Feb 10
to me trekpay always acts weird. i still havnt figured it out. i am hoping i will be able to figure it out soon. if anyone knows how to get payed on the site will you please share how you earn money on it? i will be very thankful for all of your help. please write me back and let me know. best of luck with earning.
• India
8 Feb 10
There is absolutely not problem with trekpay, wordlinx or myLot at least today. But sometimes these sites work very slow. That's true. But the reason may be different for different places and connections. I hope there wouldn't be any matter to smell a rat.
@ebuscat (5947)
• Philippines
8 Feb 10
May be I think but the other side is due to slow process on the internet.