Michael is Returned

February 8, 2010 4:19am CST
I am very much excited about the news that michael is returning to F1. I stopped watching F1 when michael retired from F1. Are you guys excited about it.
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@emma90 (530)
• Indonesia
10 Mar 10
yeah Michel Schumacer is Back...I'm sure he become my favorite racer in this season :) LOL. I always love him,,,because beside he had many kinds of reputation in F1, he never conceited with another racer or another person. Go Schumi!!!! Have a good day buddy...
• India
5 Mar 10
Im so so happy when i heard this news of Schumi returning to the circuit as a driver. He is such a class of his own and his record speaks the most. I was so so disappointed when he quit F! and i even lost interest in watching F!. but since i heard this news im so excited to watch him rip some kickass performance and show to other drivers that he still is the best in this business. All Hail Schmacher!!
@benny128 (3621)
4 Mar 10
well not really lol, michael was a great driver and he knew how to bend the rules just like any successful person. But F1 is way bigger than one man, thoughn I do think its a sad state of affairs that they need to bring back someone from the past to try and get people interested in formula 1 again. Here in Uk with 2 recent world champions in Button and Hamilton formaula 1 is a popular sport just think michael should of stayed in retirement. Though it will either be a great move for Michael or it will be the worst move he has ever made and he will be remembered as a has been I guess only time will tell
• United States
22 Feb 10
It will be extremely interesting to see if age and the layoff have eroded his skills. Also interesting will be how he adapts if he cannot keep up with today's top drivers and teams. He wouldn't have been as extraordinary as he was if he did not have an ego.
@ryanhac (58)
• India
13 Feb 10
I am thrilled that he has returned to F1 racing.But I would have loved him to be in the Ferrari team.I loved him when he was in Ferrari.But the Ferrari drivers Massa and Raikkonen are pretty good drivers so it would be inappropriate to move one of them and give Schumi a spot.Guess I would be cheering for both Ferrari and Mercedes GP this time. Go and claim the championship Schumi.
@thezone (9447)
• Ireland
12 Feb 10
Hi arunmenon2006 Michael Schumacher's return to F1 is a welcome one although I was not a huge fan of his, he is a brilliant driver and definitely made the races fun to watch. I believe he will be driving for the Mercedes GP team. When he returns it should give some of the other drivers a run for their money this season. All I will say is watch out Hamilton
@cbjones (1155)
• United States
9 Feb 10
MS in F1 can only be a good thing.I'm interested in seeing how the comming season pans out. Will any of the proposed top dogs falter? will there be a sleeper in the form of a rookie who appears to be a fast learner? will there be any Sports Center worthy scandals this year? I'm so excited! ^_^
@gerald_lian (2190)
• Australia
8 Feb 10
Yes, Michael Schumacher has returned and I couldn't be more excited about it! As we know, he is a very competitive person and he would be a great addition back into the F1 scene. I know he will go all out to try and win his 8th world championship in 2010, but I just wonder whether he will have a car that can steer him to his dream. But of course, with 7 championships already under his belt, there is nothing much left for him to prove. So, just let him have fun and it would be great if he could notch up some interesting results along the way.....go go Schumacher!!!