Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Parents?

Hong Kong
February 8, 2010 4:54am CST
Sometimes there are some situations that the parents againts in our relationship with our boyfriend/girlfriend. What if you are in this situation, Are you going to continue for the sake of love and ignore your parents whom really hate your boyfriend/girlfriend. kindly share your comments...Thanks God bless and Happy Lotting..
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@cloud31 (5809)
8 Feb 10
Under such circumstances there two aspects we have to consider both feelings..First what's your real feeling to your gf/bf? Your decisions should rely on your feeling,Discuss matters with your parents whats their reasons why they ara againts with him/her? If there reason is acceptable then try to grasp your feeling to your gf/bf, if you really love her/him then go for it .NO one know your feeling better than you do .Sometimes we need to makes a decision that you need to hurt somebody or anybody just to let somebody happy or just to make yourself happy..Listen to your heart and you will find the answer..God bless,,Happy Lotting!
@ongtina (1232)
• Singapore
8 Feb 10
Parents love their children and want the best for them. They are also more experienced in eyeing a person's character as they have been around longer. If they are against the child's love, then the child should see more clearly, have a deeper talk with their own parents and ask what they find fault in the love, and think with an outside mind(like a third party looking in). This matter needs lots of calm attitude to resolve, getting heated only aggravate situation as the parents feel that the other had bad influence on their child if argument start. Being calm also lets the parents see that the child has grown and has a mature attitude and so will feel less worried that the child isn't ready and not capable of making a correct decision. Of course because they feel the world for their children, the more they love them, the more they feel others are not worthy for their children. Hence, if the love is really worthy, having a calm attitude to communicate with the parents will eventually let the parents accept the love. If the love is really a good choice, the parents will accept. All parents want the best or what's good for their children.