It's amazing for Parents.

@Zhizho (1351)
February 8, 2010 9:44am CST
I think, all parents would like to have smart kids.You know,Lately, I am very happy to see my son's growth.He was two years and four months old.He has know alphabet and many the name of animal,know about colour and shape.English is not our mother tongue but he was memorize many name of animal, colour and many things in English.I'm so proud of Him.How do you feel when you see your children's growth?.Share here please. Thankyou!
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@jlcanete (22)
• Thailand
8 Mar 10
My husband and I just feel sooo blessed by God! We also live in a non-english speaking country. I have 2 kids ( 3 and 1 yr old) and nothing makes us prouder hearing our friends telling us how smart our kids are. i feel so happy listening to my son who's now three speaking in English with alsmost perfect syntax and all..besides being able to communicate using the first language here. At first i was afraid he wouldn't be able to speak or he would get confused because of the language problem, but it actually didn't matter. Right now, he speaks three languages! At home,i still do our routines like reading stories at bedtime even during the day especially on weekends when we're around, talking to them about anything, taking them outside for them to explore things etc. We are enjoying every second with our kids. For you zhizho, just continue talking to your smart son and feeding him everything you know. Good luck! have a nice day.
@eileenleyva (21121)
• Philippines
8 Feb 10
Keep talking to your baby and teach him everything from numbers to letters to science to art. His mind can grasp everything you say. You have till he is seven years old to lay down all the foundation. The brain will absorb all of the. Have fun, mom.